Top Reasons Why Having A Travel Insurance Is Important

Top Reasons Why Having A Travel Insurance Is Important

For some people, this is how they prepare for a big trip: They pack too much, realize that their bags are not enough, and then start taking a few things out of the baggage. You start to take out your second jacket, your heels, snorkeling gear, and others. You will not need those on your trip.

However, what you must not forget is your travel insurance.

Many people weigh the additional expenses and ask if it is worth it to invest in travel insurance. Most of the time, the answer is yes! Here are the top reasons why:

Medical Emergencies Abroad Are Expensive 

For example, you are on a driving tour in Argentina and then a truck slams the car that you have rented. This will now leave you with a broken leg and other injuries. When you are now at the hospital, you thought that you could use your health insurance card. However, the staff denied your card. They told you that you have to pay the treatment upfront. Then, your medical bills began to climb into tens of thousands. If you need medical evaluation, the cost can now rise to $200,000 or more, depending on the country you live in plus your proximity to the nearest hospital.

According to the authorities, lots of foreign medical providers and facilities require cash payment upfront. They do not accept insurance plans.

However, if you have travel insurance Singapore with additional emergency medical benefits, it can pay for losses because of the medical and dental emergencies that can happen during your trip. The emergency medical transportation benefits can pay for the necessary transportation expenses to the nearest medical facility. This will also cover the cost of getting you home to recover.

Moreover, the insurance company can be able to arrange payment in advance so it can cover emergency medical care. If you are wondering if the travel insurance is worth it, weigh the small cost of buying the insurance against the huge costs of a medical emergency abroad.

Prevent Minor Mishaps To Ruin Your Trip 

A vacation is an important investment to make you happy. When your vacation started with a canceled flight, missing bag, or any other travel hiccup, then that happy travel feeling will now start to fade. You will be feeling miserable and uninspired throughout your journey.

However, travel insurance Singapore can help you feel better. It can reimburse you for additional travel and accommodation expenses. It can cover the lost prepaid expenses because of the departure delay for more than six hours. Moreover, it can reimburse you for the unreasonable purchase of items if your trip was misdirected or if your baggage was delayed for 24 hours or more. Indeed, several more travel mishaps can be addressed by insurance, so make sure to have one now.

The Government Requires It 

What is the first thing that you should do when you meet a medical emergency overseas? Some travelers call their local embassy for help. However, the majority of travelers are disappointed to find out that the embassy’s powers are limited.

For example, they cannot pay for your medical care, take care of any financial losses, or provide emergency transportation in your country. They can only help you replace a stolen passport, connect with a relative or friend, or find legal or medical assistance.

This is the reason why the government advises travelers to have their travel insurance always with them at HL Assurance. Specifically, it must include emergency medical transportation, medical benefits, and other unexpected benefits. For example, it must have a trip cancellation feature and reimbursement for a stolen or lost luggage.

You Cannot Afford To Lose Your Vacation Investment 

Imagine you already spent $7,000 for a chance to experience the luxury cruise around the Mediterranean together with your spouse for your 25th wedding anniversary. However, the day before you begin your cruise, you discovered that your mother suffers a serious illness and has to be confined in the hospital.

Then, you decided to call the cruise line and explained what happened. They were sympathetic but they cannot give your money back to you. The policy of the company clearly states that they cannot provide refunds if you cancel your trip within 14 days of departure. In situations like this, you will realize that travel insurance is very important. When you own travel insurance at HL Assurance with trip cancellation benefits, you can be reimbursed for prepaid and nonrefundable trips when you cancel it for a valid reason.

Some of the covered reasons include serious injury or illness of the insured person or his companion or family member. Another valid reason would be the death of the insured traveler or traveling companion or family member. Furthermore, a natural disaster that makes the destination uninhabitable is also another reason to consider it.